Crime Report of 28.07.2013

Kullu Police has registered following cases in P.S Bhunter,Brow and Banjar of this distt:-

  1.Case FIR No 82/13 dated 27.7.13 U/S 498A,34 IPC in PS Bhunter on the written application of Smt Kavita W/O Surender Ratan Sharma R/O Garsa Road Parla Bhunter Distt Kullu that she is  married to Surender Rattan on 11/3/12. After 2-3 months of marriage, her mother in law Nirmala, father in law Parkash Chand , sister in law Sunita and brother in law have started to shout on her and  continuously torturing  her mentally  for demand  of dowry. ASI Ram Lal I/O PS Bhunter is investigating the case.

2. Case FIR No 25/13 dated 27.7.13 U/S 353,504 IPC in PS Brow on the application of Sh Rakesh SDO PWD Sub Division Brow that on dated 26.7.13, Junior Engineer Dhani Ram Sharma was working on the portion of link road approaching to village Sarpara along with labours. In a mean time, one Shiv Ram S/O Meena Ram PO Sargha came at the work, started to abuse him, and scuffled with Dhani Ram Sharma J E HP PWD Sub Division Brow. Case is being investigat3ed by HC Kartar Singh I/O PS Brow.

3. Case FIR No 61/13 dated 28.7.13 U/S 354,323,504,506,34 IPC registered in P.S Banjar on the report of Smt. Indira Devi W/o Hari Singh R/o village Baloun P.O Bahu Banjar ,alleged that on 27.7.13 at about 8PM, she was coming from her cowshed. At the same time, Ashwani Kumar S/o Maya Ram, cousin of her husband, came there and started to abuse her .After a few minutes, her neighbour Megh Singh, his wife Uma Devi and their son Chaman Lal also came there and they started to abuse her and threatened to kill her. HC Jamaldin I/O P.S Banjar is investigating the case.