Crime Report of 27.07.2016

Kullu police has registered a case in Police Station Bhunter, of this district, that is:- CASE OF ROAD ACCIDENT 1. A case of road accident registered in PS Bhunter on the statement of Raj Kumar R/o Village Kalehli stated that on 26.07.16 at about 03:15 AM when he was at Kalehali, in the mean time one motorcycle came rashly from Bajoura side and fell down on the road side, as a result of motor cycle rider died on the spot. Further investigation of the case is in progress. [Read more ...]

Crime Report of 26.07.2016


A case of hurt registered on the complaint of Sant Ram R/o Chhoyal that one person named Prem Singh has beaten him and threatened him with dire consequences. Due to his beatings, his ribs got fractured. ASI Ram Lal I/O P.S Bhunter is investigating the case.

Crime Report of 25.07.2016

 Kullu police has registered a case in Police Station Manali of this district, that is:-           LIQUOR SEIZED/ ACCUSED ARRESTED A case under Excise Act registered in PS Manali by the police that on 24.07.16 during patrolling at Rangari, 09 bottles of English Wine recovered from the possession of one person R/o Fatehgarh Sahib Punjab. Further investigation of the case is in progress. [Read more ...]

Crime Report of 24.07.2016

Kullu police has registered following cases in Women Police Station and Police station Manali, these are :- A case of kidnapping registered in Women Police Station Kullu on the complaint of a resident of Chesta that one person R/o Tipri had kindnapped her 17 yrs daughter two months before from the village Chesta. The complainant has doubt that might be her daughter has concealed or killed by kidnapper. SI/SHO Women Police Station Kullu is carrying out the investigation of the case. A case [Read more ...]

Crime Report of 21.07.2016

Kullu police has registered the following case in police station, Manali of this district, ie:- Instruments (control of noise) Act A case under instruments control of noise act registered in police Station Manali by the police, that on 21.07.2016 at about 8.30 PM when police party of Manali police Station was on patrolling at village Shanag, near Giri camp Manali then the Police saw 180/200 foreigners were dancing on Loud speaker (DJ). During interrogation it was found that the same party [Read more ...]